Saturday, June 18, 2005

You should go because I can't

I am attending a party tonight to celebrate a friend's graduation from baking class (cakes and pies and frosting, YAY!), so I can't make it. :-( But you all should check out my chums:

Western Automatic playing tonight at Hotti Biscotti in Logan Square.

This time around Western Automatic is Zelienople plus Donn Ha, Scott Tuma and Matt DeGennaro helping out with a continuous 30 minute piece.

Scott and Matt D. will also perform a set as a duo.

Saturday, June 18th
10:30 pm
Hotti Biscotti
3545 W. Fullerton
free admission <---------dude!

10:30 pm Scott Tuma / Matt DeGenarro

11:30 pm Western Automatic

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