Saturday, June 04, 2005

Conversations at the Bar

Last night at work, L.S. suggested a select few of us traipse down to Chumps after closing for a drink (or two). She wanted to go to Chumps so she could watch the Cubs game (I think they ended up getting spanked).

In attendance: L.S., Amazing G., K.O., Miss Arsh and her friend R., and myself. White wine, jumbo margaritas, iced tea, Blue Moons, and Guinness were poured to our table and met with happy giggly grins. I'd never hung out much with L.S., she went on to crack me up with her stories and opinions--one of those tuff Chi-caw-go "Old Broads" (a reference to one of her stories, I'd never!).

Some highlights (that I recall, feel free to add others in the comments):

  • Stem cell research we all seemed to deem okay. Continue this a wipe out Diabetes first! Ironic that Bush doesn't want to help the living here now, but thinks it's okay to kill thousands in Iraq.
  • President Bush: we all agreed is a "jackass."
  • "The Blondie Twins" do not carry their weight at work, are irritating, and one of them is probably going to get fired soon. Also, them discussing their wedding plans= lame, boring, and annoying; whereas, when L.S. (in a rare moment) discusses her plans it is fine because she's funny, interesting, and we like her.
  • Some Muslims are all judgmental to each other in "The Community" while others are cool to each other.
  • L.S. gets a potty mouth when she drinks. Miss A. never "curses," (except for a "Shit" now and again she quietly pointed out) and R. will on occasion let a naughty word slip, at which point Miss A. will physically flinch and cringe. Cursing doesn't fucking bother me (for the most part).
  • Apparently, a Girl's Night Out at Rivinia is in the making among them; so, lock up your sons and husbands after the wine flows people.
  • Boss Frantic is in middle of divorce and living with sister, but not transferring to the Milwaukee (*Curses*).
  • On Engagement Rings: R., more the Romantic, thinks The Dude should pick the out ring on sly. On the other hand, Miss A. and L.S. wants/ed to be involved in the Ring Choosing to make sure it's the one they wants/ed.

And then home.


Arsh said...

The last sentence in Bullet #5 made me cringe. A Girls' night out at Ravinia? I thought all were welcome, but I'll have to confirm. You forgot to mention Miss A does not want a diamond, that being her biggest reason in wanting to help pick out the ring. I will, however, edit that to say that one of friend's (N) and/or sis may also be allowed to assist in the process. I have to admit, I like L.S. after the outing but still don't care for a certain red-haired chick.

Mac said...

Duly fucking noted ;-)