Sunday, June 12, 2005

It would take ALOT of PVC to cover that Ass!

I forgot to mention this little tidbit.

Someone at the work party Friday night let slip that Boss Frantic is into "a little punishment" wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean? The Croatian Gyration Sensation re-told the story about how one day Boss Frantic slapped her ass, which freaked her out (obvs, as I've heard this story brought up about 3 times). That's when the person brought up the possible Italian Kinkfest Fetish. Which is weird because this person telling the story is friends with the boss and rumor has it NEVER speak badly about the boss in front of her; it'll get back to the boss.

The image of all that PVC stretched around that S&M Bondage Booty sent me looking for the Jello-shots! Lemon and Raspberry, please.

1 comment:

Arsh said...

dammit, how could you not give more details--i.e. who is the good friend of the boss???? and more details on the party, please. who, what, when, why & how.