Monday, June 20, 2005

My jaws hurt

Tonight, work felt edgy. Bad vibes all over the place; probably emanating mainly from me. I did my best to avoid, yet help customers. They would see the contempt in my eyes. Remember that bit of pissed-off mood I woke up with earlier today? Yeah, it kept on keeping on. I found nearly everyone unbearable and irritating, grinding my teeth to hold my tongue.

I really wish I could have wore this shirt over my C/B apron. That's how I felt.

Especially toward my last customer who took her whiny, sweet-ass time getting her shit done. Like I give a two craps if your daughter's MC2 pots and pans might scratch in the future; pots get scratched over time--fucking deal with it!

I got the idea that the one person who I wanted to talk to wanted to be left alone. So I did. I hope we are still cool.

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