Sunday, June 26, 2005

Made it through another day

Made it to work on time, sat outside in the sweltering sun for ten minutes (again and again on Sundays) because Amazing G. was late. The customers as a whole today bored me, no one stood out. No Jerks, no Saints...just waves of Mall Zombies buying more and more stuff. And I packed it all up with a smile.

This is the first Inventory at work that I manned the sales floor instead of coming in at one o'clock and doing the actual counting. To show you how fucked, paranoid, and personal politics that place is under Boss Frantic (and soon possibly worse under Evil Fannie), I and another coworker (K.McG.) at two completely different times asked our Floor supervisor if she thought we gotten into trouble with Boss Frantic. Getting the easier day shift, and not getting the late counting shift caused us to worry. Later we compared notes, we thought it odd that certain people who nearly got fired a while ago (Hey Dude), a guy that made tons of mistakes last time (J.H.), and a bunch of newbies got that important shift. She's worked Inventory night for the past 5 years, me 2 1/2. This place is screwed up. The Floor Supervisor said she knew nothing, thought no politics involved. K.McG. and I believed her, but with hesitation and reservation.

Whatever, fuck it all.

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Arsh said...

You should be so glad you didn't work inventory. I got just a bit ago--11? Only 'cos my partner in crime talked to Becky to say she should let me go. I am so done w/that place. Nice to see you after a while--too bad no time to chat.