Friday, March 31, 2006

The Ho goes International

So, I'm roaming around on the internet, minding my own business, checking my Sitemeter, reading various blogs, peeking at know, the usual; when, what to my surprise an email pops in from Fresh.

He's visiting friends in MO, and his flight got delayed, so he's stuck in Chicago for, like, eighteen hours.

Yipee! My wingman is in town for the night. His only jet-lagged request?

"Take me to The Ho."

So we go. And then he is gone, again.

Good to see you again, my friend.

(The) Spring (flicks the hammer) in Rogers Park

Spring is here.
The windows are open in My Cube, airing out the funky smell of winter, depression, spilled beer, and Lilly scent. A coolish breeze floats through the rooms.

And the first gunshot is heard in the neighborhood.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Possible Band Names:

The White Van Conspiracy

Stubborn Old Ladies in SUVs

The Insignificants

The Have Nots

The From Behinds

Double Blotters

Down to the Filter

(that's right, I'm bored)

Friday, March 24, 2006

Dresden (is burning in my loins) Dolls

New Dresden Dolls song, "Sing"
Amanda Palmer is lovely.
(thanks to Stereogum for the heads up)

I found a picture of Lilly's friends

during a night of drinking and smoking cat-nip in a hookah. (thanks to Ultragrrrl!)

From the moves of the blonde, I think they're listening to Shakira's song about how "The Hips Don't Lie."

Have a good weekend everyone.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I've been Served

Someone Tagged me; so, in the sense of fair play, here it goes:

The idea is to list out seven of my favorite songs. This is, like, the hardest question. First off, how do you boil it down to just seven? And, secondly, I'm the type of guy who answers these types of questions, and then remembers better answers around a week later.

Ah well, here are my seven...With some ties (in no particular order):
  1. "I Don't Care About You," "Fresh Flesh," "Let's Start a War" The Record by Fear (okay, really, their entire discography!).
  2. "Porch" or "Black" from Ten by Pearl Jam.
  3. "Troy" from The Lion and The Cobra or "Feel so Different" from I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got by Sinead O'Connor.
  4. "Fascination Street" from Disintegration by The Cure.
  5. "The Kiss" or "Shiver and Shake" Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me by The Cure.
  6. "Reach Down" or "Times of Trouble" from Temple of the Dog.
  7. Most of the songs from Sweet Oblivion by The Screaming Trees.

Okay, more than seven, but like I said, I'm not the best with these types of questions. I'll think of 333 more songs that make my heart pound and mind wander after I hit the publish post button.

Until then, I tag:






Have at it, boys!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Friday Night (From The Ho to Tally Ho)

Waiting for ? 3
Originally uploaded by Mac(3).

"It's hard waiting for something when you don't know what it is."

Another one of those nights, after a couple of Becks, when I feel restless and bored. I want to go out; I don't want to stay in.

So I left a voicemail for M. and emailed Complex Carrie and Justin, but no one answered. They'd already left for either band practice or a birthday party. I couldn't think of anyone else to call on such short notice.

I wandered from couch to computer to kitchen and back. Lilly followed for a bit, then gave up and nestled into her chair. I did an Internal Shrug and changed clothes.

Off to The Ho.

Friday night at The Ho held the usual suspects: Larry bartending; the other bartender Marilyn sitting at the bar with a friend; and this other couple who are always there on Friday. I settled into a barstool a couple down from Marilyn, said hi to Larry and ordered the first dollar draft.

I wasn't interested in the various basketball games on the TVs, so I watched some PBS special on 50's pop music. On love songs. Ouch.

From my notes:
"Love songs. According to the music, life was easier then. Probably not. Feeling yearning for love which is becoming more and more and abstract, incomprehesible four letter word.

Why did I come here? Looking for what? To be drunk, force down the itchy Blue-haired Demons."

Marilyn and her friend are singing along to the songs on TV. She sways gently back and forth on her barstool. They talk about how they used to dance to these songs in their youth. How the music was "so much better back then."

I finish another beer and write:
"who am I trying to be? What am I doing here? Trying to be a Royko/Algren/DonLevy/Burkowski? Dingy bar and writing in a little notebook..."

One last beer, and I leave to find another local waterhole.

I pass The Lamp Post, but decide not to go in. I am not in the mood to feel isolated in a populated bar where the Chicagoian Blondes and Frat-boys glance and scoff at me. I walk the sidewalk to a bar I remember driving past a few times. My Place.

But my place is closed.

I let my feet take me toward Howard through some clipped grass, tree-lined neighborhood I've never seen before now. The streetlights seem gentle here and the breeze hushes across a mystery park. I pass a woman walking her German Shepard, and we exchange knods and smiles. It feels peaceful.

And then I walk onto Howard Avenue.

Cars roar past. A gang of boys yell at each other outside a seafood restuarant. Two different arrests are taking place within three blocks. I cut through an alley to avoide the boys and get away from the flashing blue lights piercing the night. Two more blocks down on Howard, another black teen is leaning forward on another police car as a detective cruiser speeds away toward the lake.

I finally come to a neon-lit bar. There is a bass thump coming through its wall of glass front. I pass by, peering in. A crowd. I pause to gather up some courage I need when entering an unknown bar, then enter the door.

A large black man cards me, and I notice a sigh reading "you must be 30 years of age to enter." I turn the small corner and go directly to the bar and look around.

Pool table, small round tables for four, DJ in the front, crowds of men and women dancing talking walking around, bottled wine in a glass-front fridge, and a bar that runs from the front of the place all the way to the back.

And, besides the one gay bald man in a too-tight T-shirt, I am the only white guy in the place.

[I have to go to a party now, so I'll try to finish this later]

Monday, March 06, 2006

Purchasing Is Thirsty Work

Beer Bottle Line-up
Originally uploaded by Mac(3).

Must be from all the talking to suppliers at The Bank.

Or the dust in my basement office.

Or I forget to buy orange juice sometimes.

No listing for "Mediocre Weird Guy"?

Competent Jerks and Lovable Fools: The Likeability Factor at Work

I am my own niche in the workforce!*

(* please donate through my Paypal link, this job may be short lived)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

bin Laden in Athens, Ohio?!?

Maybe he just stopped by Tony's for a quick game of darts and an Old Swill. - School gets punk'd by band sticker - Mar 3, 2006

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Going' to da Chapel

A few weeks ago, Fresh informed me that he and The Doctor are planning to tie the knot.

Comment them some heartfelt congratulations as they deserve it!

My bestest Wingman is leaving the meat-market: I'll never meet the Sweet Betties now :-(

Wishing you two only the best, Fresh.

Miss you.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Birthday to W.V. in D.C.

You thought I forgot, silly "worry wart."

(just kidding)

Hope you had a great day, old friend! You are in my thoughts.

I've always had the general concept, but now I know:

by Fear

Made it out the door before the phone rang
Made it out the door before the phone rang

Knowing the time ain't gonna get me there quicker
Knowing the time ain't gonna get me there quicker

Don't bother me, I'm havin' a good time
Don't bother me, I'm havin' a good time

Don't know myself but now my back against the wall
Don't know myself but now my back against the wall


Workin' double shifts and not getting any sleep
Workin' double shifts and not getting any sleep
I finally found a day to spend on myself
I finally found a day but someone bought my health

Had a little money in my pocket for a minute
Had a little money in my pocket but it's gone

My time is runnin' out and my chances are few
It wouldn't look so easy if you only knew


Cash in. Cash out.

In pre-celebration of making it to my first paycheck from The Bank, I bought more music this past Sunday:

The Stooges (self-titled)

Le Tigre This Island

Le Tigre (self-titled)

John Digweed and Sasha Communicate

And backordered Lady Soveriegn Vertically Challenged because a grime-y cockney accent gets me hot. Ha ha ha.

Off to bed.