Friday, March 31, 2006

The Ho goes International

So, I'm roaming around on the internet, minding my own business, checking my Sitemeter, reading various blogs, peeking at know, the usual; when, what to my surprise an email pops in from Fresh.

He's visiting friends in MO, and his flight got delayed, so he's stuck in Chicago for, like, eighteen hours.

Yipee! My wingman is in town for the night. His only jet-lagged request?

"Take me to The Ho."

So we go. And then he is gone, again.

Good to see you again, my friend.


Adrian said...

So what's the verdict? Has living in Scotland made him a better drinker or has he gone soft?

Wow, I open my windows and I hear church bells ringing and sheep bleating in the distance, you open yours and you here gun fire ringing out and snitches bleating. Not just miles apart.

Fresh Talent said...

Good to see you too, friend.

Thanks again for taking me and the taxi fare+, which ensured I smoked and drank even more than planned. Turns out I'm no better or worse a drinker than when I left the US last year, meaning I'm still a shit drinker . But I got me some BBQ and Butterfingers, so I was satisfied.

You be sure to return the favor and drop by here on your way to Toledo.