Monday, February 28, 2005

Goodbye February

You Rat-Bastard.

With your cold, snowy rain and slush and sleet. With your stupid Valentine's Day and fewer days (except every four years, ya pretentious freak). With your got me drinking more than I should, alone, again...I'm bladder-deep in Jack Daniels as I type this, practically seeing ddoouubblle. With your no one goes shopping, so my hours get cut and my checking account gets smaller and smaller; I'm this close to utter ruin, you parasitic month. Your like an emotional vampire, sucking my soul, my happiness, my will to live. You scumbag! With your cloudy days and chilly nights, making my pathetic, broke ass hibernate indoors, missing concerts and shows. You miserable, soggy sponge!

Good-bye, cruel and unforgiving and bitter month, and Hello! to March. With your Spring Break attitude and warming days/nights. With your Kerouac Birthday and My Birthday (the Ides of March). With your Saint Patrick's Day full of Guinness and cheer, covered in my favorite color of green. I'm just a dumb Mc, you see. Ah, March, come to me like a lover. I wrap my arms around you in glee.

Another Hunter S. Thompson link

An opinion piece by Clarence Page, who I believe went to my beloved Ohio University. - Opinion

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ahhh, there's nothing like that rewarding feeling of a slow day at a dead end job

DEAD KENNEDYS/Alternative Tentacles gives a go at summing it up. And I'm sick of people I barely know asking me what do I want to do when I grow up. I realize they are just asking to make conversation to, you know, get to know each other. And they are asking in a nice, actually seem interested, way, but it drives me crazy. Why? Because I don't know the answer. And that's pissing me off; or, maybe I do know the answer, but am unable to figure out how to get there, to that point, to the goal.
And that infuriates me more because, for fuck's sake, I'm going on 40 (sorta)...I should have more answers now than when I was 25! (For Reals)
But I don't.
I have an unfocused Blog, an apartment I'll soon be unable to afford, fewer friends each year, no dates/interests to ask out, and my underpaid/no hours/no benefits/part time job:
I wish I could follow this guy's changed thinking. He pretty much repeats what my Primary tells at our sessions. I need to work on my "twisted thinking"...and get more sleep and vitamins. Good night.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

An Incomplete/Still Growing List of all the Bars, Clubs, restaurants, Dives, or Memorable Hotels where I've either had a drink or got stumble-y drunk

Beer Bottle Line-up

(Since maybe age 17(?). Enjoy)

  1. Ten56 Club (Chicago)
  2. Tony's (Athens)
  3. 6 Penny Bit (Chicago)
  4. The Union (Athens)
  5. Abbey Pub (Chicago)
  6. Beach Club (Athens)
  7. The Junction (Athens)
  8. O'Hooley's (Athens)
  9. Alumni Club (Chicago)
  10. Screwhouzer's (Athens)
  11. Elbo Room (Ft. Lauderdale)
  12. Summer's (Ft. Lauderdale)
  13. Random slashy on highway (Florida)
  14. Random country bar on highway (Florida)
  15. Sloppy Joe's (Key West)
  16. Cute and quaint bar (Fel's Point, Baltimore)
  17. Augenblick (Chicago)--gone.
  18. Event's (Athens)
  19. Some bar in Northbrook, IL
  20. Random Rural Bar/Grill (outside Arlington OH)
  21. Some bland Bar in Oak Park, IL
  22. Casa Cantina (Athens)
  23. Another bland Bar in Oak Park IL
  24. The Nickelodian (Athens)
  25. Third bland Bar in Oak Park, IL
  26. Uptown (Athens)
  27. The Dugout (Athens)
  28. Beat Kitchen (Chicago)
  29. The Newport (O.S.U.)
  30. American House of Beers (Chicago)
  31. Stache's (O.S.U.)
  32. Outer-Inn on Frambe's (O.S.U.)
  33. Big Chicks (Chicago)
  34. Frambe's (O.S.U.)
  35. Big Horse (Chicago)
  36. Mean Mister Mustard's (O.S.U.)
  37. Big Joe's (Chicago)
  38. Melody Bar (New Jersey)
  39. Black Cat (Chicago)
  40. Algonquin Hotel (NYC)
  41. Bleacher's (Chicago)
  42. The Spring Lounge (NYC)
  43. "Blue Collar" Bar @ Damen/Addison (Chicago)
  44. 3rd Ave. Irish Bar (NYC)
  45. Blue Note (Chicago)
  46. Weird Russian Bar (NYC)
  47. Bluebird Lounge or maybe Betty's Blue Star Lounge (Chicago)
  48. B.L.U.E.S. (Chicago)
  49. Small bar in LES (NYC)
  50. Bootlegger's (Chicago)
  51. The Pyramid (NYC)
  52. Border Line Tap (Chicago)
  53. Nacho Mama's (NYC)
  54. Bowling Alley @ Harlem/Grand (Chicago)
  55. Charlie's Blind Pig (Toledo)
  56. Bowling Alley above Douglas TV (Chicago)--gone.
  57. Bowling Alley near Irving Park/Ravenswood (Chicago)
  58. Breaktime (Chicago)
  59. Bucktown Pub (Chicago)
  60. The Sty (Toledo)
  61. Cabaret Voltaire (Chicago)
  62. Murphy's (Toledo)
  63. Cafe Ashe (Chicago)--gone.
  64. Frankie's (Toledo)
  65. Celluloid/ Liquid Kitty? (Chicago)
  66. The Barking Spider (Cleveland)
  67. Champs (Skokie)
  68. Checkerboard Lounge (Chicago)
  69. Euclid Tavern (Cleveland)
  70. Chicago Joe's (Chicago)
  71. The Grog Shop (Cleveland)
  72. Claddagh Ring (Chicago)
  73. Clubfoot (Chicago)
  74. Claus's Tavern (Chicago)
  75. Random Gay bar after B.C.'s wedding (Cleveland)
  76. Cody's Public House (Chicago)
  77. Circus Circus (Cleveland, The Flats)-- naked ladies, yay!
  78. Corner of Racine/Addison (Chicago)
  79. Random Irish Bar (Cleveland, The Flats)
  80. Some big-ass bar (Cleveland, The Flats)
  81. Coyote Joe's (Chicago)
  82. Dillon's (Findlay)
  83. Crobar (Chicago)
  84. Nine of Clubs (Cleveland)
  85. Cunneen's (Chicago)
  86. The Jim Dutch II (Hometown)
  87. Daily Bar and Grill (Chicago)
  88. Danny's Tavern (Chicago)
  89. West End Tavern (Hometown)
  90. Deacon Brodies (Chicago)
  91. The Party Bar (Hometown)
  92. DejaVu (Chicago)
  93. Oler's Pub (Hometown)
  94. Delilah's (Chicago)
  95. The Oiler Pub (Hometown)
  96. Dirty Nellie's (Palantine, IL?)
  97. Wesley's (Hometown)
  98. Dome Room (Chicago)
  99. Woolley Bully's (Hometown)
  100. Double Door (Chicago)
  101. G. Willickers (Hometown)
  102. Drink (Chicago)
  103. BW3 (Bowling Green, OH)
  104. Duke of Perth (Chicago)
  105. Uptown/Downtown (Bowling Green)
  106. Edgewater Lounge (Chicago)
  107. El Jardin (Chicago)
  108. Howard's (Bowling Green)
  109. Elbo Room (Chicago)
  110. The one with the deck (Bowling Green)
  111. The Empty Bottle (Chicago)
  112. Some English Pub @ Diversey/Ashland (Chicago)
  113. Fricker's (Hometown)
  114. Estelle's (Chicago)
  115. Some dive bar (Kent State U.)
  116. Excalibar (Chicago)
  117. Ozzie's (Kent State U.)
  118. Farragut's (Chicago)
  119. Fireside Bowl (Chicago)
  120. Stoney Ledge (Hometown)
  121. Fireside Restaurant (Chicago)
  122. Nick's Bar (Athens)
  123. Get Me High Lounge (Chicago)
  124. The Walnut (Hometown)
  125. Gingerman (Chicago)
  126. Gulliver's (Chicago)
  127. Luckey's (Hometown)
  128. Ginger's Ale House (Chicago)
  129. Inck's (Hometown)
  130. Glennway Inn (Chicago)--gone.
  131. Gold Star Bar (Chicago)
  132. Charlie's Hideaway (Hometown)
  133. Great Beer Palace (Chicago)
  134. Miss Cue's (Hometown)
  135. Griffin's Public House (Chicago)
  136. Dominick's (Hometown)
  137. Johnny O'Hagan's (Chicago)
  138. Hard Rock Cafe (Chicago)
  139. one in Mall (Hometown)
  140. Harry Caray's (Chicago)
  141. 950 Club (Washington DC)
  142. Heartland Cafe (Chicago)
  143. Tourney on the Green (Washinton DC)
  144. Holiday Club in Wicker Park (Chicago)
  145. Holiday Club on Sheridan (Chicago)
  146. Planet Hollywood (Washington DC)
  147. Holiday Inn @ Rosemont (Chicago)
  148. Hard Rock Cafe (Hawaii)
  149. Hopcat (Chicago)
  150. Hard Rock Cafe (Baltimore)
  151. Hopleaf (Chicago)
  152. Noisemaker's (Cleveland)
  153. Huckleberry's (Chicago)
  154. BW3s (Columbus)
  155. Hunt Club (Chicago)
  156. Backdoor Lounge (Hometown)
  157. Innertown Pub (Chicago)
  158. Irish Eyes (Chicago)
  159. Joshua's (Toledo)
  160. Izmir's (Chicago)--gone.
  161. J&T's (?) @ Clark/Belmont (Chicago)
  162. Jacko's (Chicago)
  163. John Barleycorn (Chicago)--sucks
  164. Johnny O'Hanagan's (Chicago)
  165. Joy-Blue (Chicago)
  166. Justin's (Chicago)
  167. Kaboom (Chicago)
  168. Kerouac Jack's (Chicago)--gone.
  169. The Konak (Chicago)
  170. Lakeside Lounge (Chicago)
  171. Lakeview Lounge (Chicago)
  172. Lakeview Links Bar and Grill (Chicago)
  173. The Bottom Lounge (Chicago)
  174. Lava Lounge (Chicago)
  175. The Leadway (Chicago)
  176. Lemming's (Chicago)
  177. The Lennox Lounge (NYC)
  178. Lily's (Chicago)
  179. Houlihan's (Skokie)
  180. Lincoln Tap Room (Chicago)
  181. The Long Room (Chicago)
  182. Lounge Ax (Chicago)--gone.
  183. Mad Bar (Chicago)
  184. Marie's Riptide Lounge (Chicago)
  185. Martyr's (Chicago)
  186. Charlie's Ale House in Andersonville (Chicago)
  187. Matchbox (Chicago)
  188. Matilda's (Chicago)
  189. Metro (Chicago)
  190. Monsignor Murphy's (Chicago)
  191. Burwood Tap (Chicago)
  192. Morseland (Chicago)
  193. Mother's (Chicago)
  194. Mother's Too (Chicago)
  195. Nick's Beergarden (Chicago)
  196. Northside Bar and Grill (Chicago)
  197. Oasis (Chicago)
  198. O'Hare Airport (Chicago)
  199. O'Lanagan's II (Chicago)
  200. Penny Lane (Chicago)
  201. Phyllis' Musical Inn (Chicago)
  202. Poor Phil's (Oak Park, IL)
  203. Pumping Company (Chicago)
  204. Quencher's (Chicago)
  205. Rainbo Club (Chicago)
  206. Raven's (Chicago)
  207. Raw Bar (Chicago)
  208. Ray's @ Damen/Giddings
  209. Red Line Tap (Chicago)
  210. Redmond's (Chicago)
  211. Rock'n'Bowl (Chicago)
  212. Rosebud (Chicago)
  213. Rose's Lounge (Chicago)
  214. Schubas (Chicago)
  215. Sheffield's (Chicago)
  216. Silver Cloud (Chicago)
  217. Simon's Tavern (Chicago)
  218. Smart Bar (Chicago)
  219. Snicker's (Chicago)
  220. "Something" Pig (Chicago)
  221. some Sport's Bar (Schaumburg, IL)
  222. Stevie D's (Chicago)
  223. Star Gaze (Chicago)
  224. Stone Crab (Evanston, IL)
  225. The Subterranean (Chicago)
  226. Ten Cat Club (Chicago)
  227. Tequila Roadhouse (Chicago)
  228. The Fireside (Chicago)
  229. The Gin Mill (Chicago)
  230. The Green Mill (Chicago)
  231. The Hideout (Chicago)
  232. The Lodge (Chicago)
  233. Gunther Murphy's (Chicago)
  234. The Note (Chicago)
  235. Thurston's (Chicago)
  236. Grizzly's Lodge (Chicago)
  237. Tommy Nevin's Pub (Evanston, IL)
  238. Tuman's Alcohol Abuse Center (Chicago)
  239. Murphy's (Chicago)
  240. The Tiny Lounge (Chicago)
  241. Trader Vic's (Chicago)
  242. Vaughn's (Chicago)
  243. View N Brew/ The Vic (Chicago)
  244. The Aragon (Chicago)
  245. The Village Tap (Chicago)
  246. Wild Goose (Chicago)
  247. The Wild Hare (Chicago)
  248. Wrigleyville Tap (Chicago)
  249. The Wrightwood Tap (Chicago)
  250. Hi-Tops (Chicago)
  251. Wrigleyside (Chicago)
  252. Yakzies (Chicago)
  253. The Second City (Chicago)
  254. Zodiac (Chicago)
  255. The Lamp Post Tavern (Chicago)
  256. The Hidden Cove (Chicago)
  257. Boomers (Chicago)
  258. The Grafton (Chicago)
  259. The Uptown Lounge (Chicago)
  260. The Keg of Evanston (Evanston)
  261. The Ho (Chicago)
  262. Poitin Stil (Chicago)
  263. Gateway Bar and Grill (Chicago)
  264. Mullen's Sports Bar and Grill (Chicago)
  265. The Tally-Ho (Chicago)
  266. L&L (Chicago)
  267. Mark II Lounge (Chicago)
  268. Ricky G's (Chicago)
  269. Bernie's Tavern (Chicago)
  270. Jarheads (Chicago)
  271. Gallaghers (Chicago)
  272. My Place (Chicago)
  273. The Greenery (Athens)
  274. The Red Light (Chicago)
  275. The Green Eye (Chicago)
  276. K's Dugout (Chicago)
  277. The Huettenbar (Chicago)
  278. The Bitenbar (Chicago)
  279. Snicker's Deli (Chicago)
  280. E.P.D. (Chicago)
  281. Roberston's 37 Bar (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  282. Monster Mash (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  283. The Blind Poet (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  284. Guildford Arms (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  285. Subway Nightclub (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  286. The Saltire (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  287. Bar with five stories [name unknown] (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  288. Cask and Barrel (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  289. Pivo (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  290. The Black Bull (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  291. Mansion Bar at the Zoo (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  292. The Holiday Inn at the Zoo (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  293. Three Tun Cellar (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  294. Deacon Brodie's (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  295. Clever Dick's (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  296. World's End (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  297. Dino's (Chicago)
  298. Lucky Star (Chicago)
  299. Candlight (Chicago)
  300. Sonotheque (Chicago)
  301. Maggiano's Little Italy [downtown] (Chicago)
  302. Fado's (Chicago)
  303. Slugger's/Dueling Piano Bar (Chicago)
  304. Pint (Chicago)
  305. Holiday Club on Irving Park (Chicago)
  306. Nick's Uptown (Chicago)
  307. Emerald Isle (Chicago)

And I realize many "names" aren't correct (or aren't even names but locations). I tried. Hell, looking over this list I compiled one day when uber-bored at work (JC Penney's@ The Brickyard back in, like, 1997), there a few that I have no recollection of who, what, where, or when on the matter. And some of the bars no longer exist.

Ever been to any of these? Comments? Memories? Updated links for me? Whoo-weee, need a drinky-poo. Start a blog-meme: Do your own list, then link to me, like this.

Sometimes it's not where you drink, but what you drink, that matters most.

Friday, February 25, 2005

I'm soooo 2003

I just got invited to join Friendster... and I did.

And what is up with the constant need to reload, refresh, and get around Error messages on this site?

Bret Easton Ellis book coming in August!

Thanks to Not An Exit, I see that you (too) can pre-order Bret Easton Ellis' latest novel Lunar Park, with a projected date of August 16th. Sweet! I feel like I'd been waiting forever since Glamorama. Like a fool, I'm going to splurge for the Hardcover ("a fool and his money...").

This is good; I don't remember the last time an event got me a little excited, touched by anticipation. I wonder how much is going to be auto-biographical, and if there are any recurring characters (i.e. Victor Ward doing a photo shoot in D.C., Patrick Bateman imagining killing Georgetown co-eds while there on business, or Paul Denton sleeping with a congressional intern. It'd be nice to Sean Bateman or Clay again).

Okay, I need to rearrange my bookshelves to make room for the new one...ha ha.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

What was I thinking?

I just remembered that last night I had Jewel-Osco brand popcorn and C&B brand hot cocoa for dinner. That's it: fucking cocoa and popcorn. No wonder I look like an Stick Figure Made of Flesh.

And today, most of my C4 session was spent telling my Primary how much I want to eat Mushrooms again. I do, but, really, must we prattle on about it there? Oh well, she seemed amused and said thanks for the education.

New The Kills video

Just saw their video for "The Good Ones" on their website. Pretty hot, sort of seductive in a The Ravonettes meets John and Exene meets The Slaves of New York. Made me wish, *sigh* yet again, that I had gone to Bennington in the 80's, had been smart and beautiful, shagged sexy art and drama majors, then moved to New York, shagged artists and punkers, and became the LES loft-living, model shagging writer that I'm meant to have been (in a parallel universe obviously).

Instead, I wasted my education drinking heavily, cutting class, lounging at The Frontroom, sleeping in, completing no shags, and falling into the quicksand world of retail sales.

Oh shit, I just pissed myself off with my own whining.

Anyway, I hope to see The Kills at the Double Door on April 1st.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

WYSIWYG Talent Show

Click the link to see/hear the beautiful and witty Blaise K.'s reading their Spawn. Of. Worst. Sex. Ever!!.

And now, the lovely Blaise K speaks.

Thompson article from Books | The Duke of Hazard

I never shot a gun out a window, but does 60 m.p.h. down NW Ohio's backroads winging just emptied Bud Light bottles at road signs count?

And I admit, I did love Hunter's writing for the living through him aspect. I like the way this article touches on that.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson's last "Hey Rube" article Page 2 : Shotgun Golf with Bill Murray

Weird coincidence (about the shotgun) or hidden foreshadowing?

And they're all compiled for us in one book. Do you think there is an unpublished manuscript laying around his kitchen? I can't believe there'll be no more from him. Silenced. Self-censored himself. I hope he's better/happier/not in pain now.

G'night Dr. Thompson. We'll see you later.

Hunter Stockton Thompson

July 18, 1937- February 20, 2005
Posted by Hello

Hunter S. Thompson Kills Himself.

I just found out.
This Sucks.
I am numb.

What more can I add to the blogosphere that hasn't already spread like red-yellow wildfire? He touched many who loved him or hated him or a strange combination of both. He influenced and inspired a generation or two. He added a bit of fun and flare to politics, drugs, rock 'n' roll, and everything else he wrote about. An enigmatic, savage warrior writer who fought the Good Fight.

A few stories about Dr. Hunter Stockton Thompson's death follow. Yahoo story. Denver Post story.

The New York Times story.

From the New York Times Book section. story.

CNN story. ABC News story. story. Gawker story.

Via Con Dios, friend, you will be missed and remembered.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Commercials I'd like to see

If I actually saw these on TV, I'd probably do a spit-take with my tea and then promptly wet myself laughing:
When I bite into a York Peppermint Pattie, I get the sensation of the life draining out of a man's body as I crush his windpipe, screaming, "So, I'm a bitch, huh? I'm the bitch? Who's the bitch now? Who's the fucking bitch now, bitch!"

Man, where was this version of the candy in the 1980s while I got bullied now and again.

(From McSweeney's)

Friday, February 18, 2005

I need more ice cubes

So the co-workers were either no-shows, went home early, or changed the after work drinking venue and didn't tell the rest of us, the ones closing. I thought they were going to Chumps/Champs, but then someone said Houlihaun's. So, I walked down there after work, but no Crate employees to be seen. Only on the way home did I think about Chumps, and there's no way I'm turning around for Chumps. Once on the way home, I'm homeward bound.

While still at work, I had a craving for a whisky on the rocks. Probably from reading this guy too much, his writing brings a slight romanticism to the darker liquor. I usually get the Wild Turkey, but tonight I sit and type and drink the Jack Daniels that M.C./C.C. bought me for my birthday two years ago; one of those big-as-a-keg bottles of Jack. I'm thinking of a second two-finger glass, but ran out of ice cubes. They evaporate in my freezer. Jack, neat?

Should I break out the pot? Nah, still job hunting *sigh.*

I'm Bob Villa, Bitch!

I put that TV stand together this morning while watching Ellen while Lilly watched me. It is now sits sweetly in my living room with TV on it, playing The Chemical Brothers CD through my Playstation2. Why through the TV and not, say through my stereo? Because, even though I've lived here two months, I still haven't set up/plugged in my stereo. Why? No clue.

Product endoresment: I own many (4?) pieces of furniture by these guys. Lasted me through many a move and clutzy roommates. Good solid pressboard, assemble your own furniture. (Dear Company, please send me a couple of bookcases/shelves, a dresser and a small computer desk as payment for this advertisement. Thank you.)

I work tonight from 4:30-9:00, then off to Chump's--I mean, Champs, for drinks to "celebrate" the promotion(?) transfer of our Assistant Store Manager. Champs/drinks with management...yippeee.

A very sad song indeed

"...but I could never love again."

Video code provided by
The White Stripes--"Jolene"--Live

(I miss you M.R. wherever you have gone)

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Errand Extravaganza Day

Whew, what a busy (for me) day.

Started off with a 10:00 a.m. appointment at C4 with my Primary. I told her about my messed up sleep cycle I've had for a week or so, waking up at 2. 3. 4., about the dreams of crying and telling someone that this therapy and Paxil isn't working, about the horrible rumor at work that the horrible woman A.M. may have gotten promoted and may return to our store as Store Manager. That is, if the other rumor that the current Store Manager accepts a new position at a new store opening up in Milwaukee(?). Oh God, that would suck. And other things about parents, growing up wanting to join the Non-conformist group in High School, about how I never take a risk, about how self-critical I am, and how I need to continue to work on my "twisted thinking" and give myself more credit for accomplishments. My Primary informed me that I could go to a post office to pick up a SSA-1099 form the nurse needs me to hand in.

Then, off to the Jarvis Street Emissions Test facility where I passed (Thank you, thank you Lord) my emissions test. Only took 45 minutes with the line and the test itself. Glad I took a magazine.

Then, to the Devon Avenue Post Office to pick up a SSA-1099 form needed to keep up me in medication. The clerk said they didn't carry them, that I had to go to library. *Sigh* No problem.
Zipped up to the Old Orchard Mall to hit the EB Games Express store where I traded in a crappy game and some crappy CDs. The worker took a while to check them in, which was cool because it took me a long while to choose a game. No cartoonish ones, no more first person shooters, no spy ones, not another football, no Sims. I picked up a racing game, then changed my mind at the last minute for a soccer game. I've never owned a soccer game, but I had fun playing an older one when I lived on Bryn Mawr with T.M. (he kicked my arse).

Next on the errand run? Skokie Library for the ever elusive SSA-1099 form. That place is pretty cool, to bad they never called me for an interview when I applied for a Circulation Clerk job there a few months ago. I will definitely have to apply again for something there, that place turned out to be a lot larger than I thought. I'd like to work for a library, too bad someone has to died for an opening to occur. Anyway, the Reference desk lady was nice enough to help me try to find it, even went online. No dice, so I thanked her kindly and headed out into the cold.

After driving across town, I arrived at the Social Security Administration office on Lawrence Avenue around 3:20 p.m. They close at four. There were a lot of people in there. I pulled number 89. This was going to be a long wait and I forgot my magazine in the car.

Sigh and sit.

Suddenly, my number is called only about 10 minutes later! What joy! I go to slot 11 and speak to a surprisingly nice lady. Who, long story short, informed me I couldn't get a SSA-1099 because those are only given to those who are receiving Social Security Benefits. Of which, I am not. But the end of our 20 minute conversation, she gave me a bunch of brochures that I asked for and the hope that maybe I can apply for and get some money from the Gov'ment for my meds/rent/etc. Fun reading for tomorrow, YAY!

Finally, my last run for the day: Target! Tar-jshay! The TV my parents gave me for Christmas has been sitting on a coffee table. Too low, too wide. Nevermind. So, to Target for an actual, honest-to-goodness TV stand. A fun building project after my fun reading tomorrow before work, Yay Part 2!

Home Sweet Home.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I stopped briefly in San Juan

Most of the day was wasted (not spent wasted)on the Bacardi Distillery Tour excursion, which consisted of waiting around the front lawn of the Bacardi factory, sipping small, but tasty Bacardi and Fruit punch FOR AN HOUR, then piling into a golf cart-like train to ride ACROSS THE STREET to get out and do a museum-like tour of two rooms of recreated Bacardi beginnings with those hand held listening things (they fucked up and gave a Spanish-only speaking one) which took a looooong time. Then we watched a guy make a Cuba Libra and then back on the golf cart thing to drive around the parking lot and have the driver point to and tell us what the buildings were because they no longer allowed tours in the factory.

Back at the port, we only had about an hour or so before the ship left, so my parents and I walked about two blocks in Old San Juan, looked in one shop of carvings, got into an argument, and made it back to ship with twenty minutes to spare. Totally not enough time to see San Juan, the port of call I was most interested in see; mainly because of Mr. Thompson's book (and hott Boricuas in Chicago).

At least I'll see more of San Juan (hopefully) when (if) the movie finishes up: The Rum Diary (2005). Hasta luego, amigos.

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Token Happy Valentine's Day post

All day: people buying little cute stupid bud vases and candles for their stupid Valentine's Day dinners; wearing ugly pink shirts, socks, ties, and scarves; smiling at stupid loved ones; smiling; reeking of chocolates; and having a stupid "I'm getting some tonight" glint in their stupid love-goop-filled twinkling eyes. Yeah, Happy Freaking Valentine's Day!

(Hmm, wonder who hasn't gotten any for a while? Can you turn back into one?)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Caribbean Weekend

I am late as I type this, but "whaddyagonnado?"

Today my friends J&L.W. are throwing the second monthly Brunch event. Their theme is Caribbean food. So, seems like a lot of Jerk-something or other will be there. To get in the mood, I am grooving to Disk Two of that Jimmy Cliff CD I bought, drinking my Cafe Molido Santa Domingo (second review down), and glancing at my little Dominican guy carving I picked up during our La Romana City Tour (I'll try to get a non-blurry pic up sometime of my knick-knacks).

To the brunch, I am bring that rot-gut rum with the picture of me and my parents on the label and Coke and limes to make Cuba Libras. Be nice if I knew how to/cared to learn how to cook, but I really don't too much, so it appears I'll be bring booze or some sort of pre-prepared food from Jewel-Osco to these Monthly Brunches.

Okay, am now seriously late. "No Problem, Honey"

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I splurged today

and bought some shit with money I don't posses. (Yay Discover Card!)

I picked up Jimmy Cliff's Anthology because I sort of recognized his name and the title the song "The Harder They Come," but don't know why. I'm grooving to it now...not too shabby, man.

Then, I discovered the Brothers had snuck out another album unbeknownst to me, and by Brothers, I mean the awesome Chemical Brothers and their album Push the Button. I plan on blasting this out tomorrow while catching up on some apartment cleaning and such.

And finally, the The Crystal Method Legion of Boom because I like them and the title made me giggle.

Oh, and a pack of gum.

Okay, now to find a job to pay for all this and rent and you know: just plain live on.

Stuff momma never told you about

You had to find out with friends. Good times, good times.

The Vaults of Erowid

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Random Life Blurbs

New registers getting installed at work as I type. Very high tech: no associate number to type in, it reads my fingerprint...entering the Crate-matrix. All touch screen. Step back customers, the future is now! And don't go getting me frazzled because it'll just make me screw up your order even more. Please chill out.

Meet with C4 Primary this Thursday morning. She wants to hear about my Caribbean trip. I feel like it never happened, or actually like it's a distant memory. Strange how fast one can fall back into daily habits and despair.

Lilly is running around the apartment like a crazy cat, chasing her little catnip mouse and now her shoestring.

My upstairs neighbor showers at night.

I am making Cuba Libras at my friends Brunch this Saturday. Funnily enough, they chose this brunch's theme to be Caribbean.

I don't play my Playstation 2 nearly enough or read nearly enough either. I started reading this book on the ship, but dozed off in the sun while staring at some hottie in a green bikini. My nose burned.

Gayest Idea. Ever.

And it just might work. For a week.

Gay News From

Probably taste better than this foul-sounding stuff. Just give me a Guinness or a Beck's anyday.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Do yourself a favor

and put these Geraldine chaps in your player, sip some Jack neat, and bounce 'round the room with 30 of your closest friends.

Pure Athens Rawk.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Overheard in the C4 lobby

One woman talking to other woman. Her neighbor died and she had missed an appointment last week because she went to the wake and the funeral. The dead neighbor was a very sweet, helpful old lady; helped out all the neighbors, let them use her phone, remembered birthdays, made food for the sick, would listen to people when they needed to talk at 3 in the morning, etc. Only 4 people showed up to the funeral: an elderly neighbor, the "little boy from down the hall," that crack dealer next door, and this woman telling the story who said she's a stripper.

The woman said it was a crying shame no one showed up to this sweet, wonderful lady's funeral. She said "if God let her pick two moms, this lady would be her second one," she loved her so much. But, she said, even though only 4 people showed up, including a crack dealer and a stripper, it was nice to know someone loved this woman. I don't know, maybe you had to be there, but I wanted to cry.

Then I wanted to know where she stripped.

Cruise news

...will eventually follow... (maybe).

Obviously, I made it back alive. It's just that this whole, going back to work thing and feeding myself and making my own bed and it being cold out and not finding chocolate on my pillow every night and changing 3 time zones in 3 days is throwing my all out of whack (wiggity-wiggity-Wack!). Where is my Lydia, my Darvan, and my Ketut?

And if anyone knows Narcliffe Perez, I am sorry for your loss. (I hope that is spelled correctly.)

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

And I'll throw you a beat down, too. Don't even dream about touching mine, ya jagoff! ;-) Posted by Hello