Thursday, February 17, 2005

Errand Extravaganza Day

Whew, what a busy (for me) day.

Started off with a 10:00 a.m. appointment at C4 with my Primary. I told her about my messed up sleep cycle I've had for a week or so, waking up at 2. 3. 4., about the dreams of crying and telling someone that this therapy and Paxil isn't working, about the horrible rumor at work that the horrible woman A.M. may have gotten promoted and may return to our store as Store Manager. That is, if the other rumor that the current Store Manager accepts a new position at a new store opening up in Milwaukee(?). Oh God, that would suck. And other things about parents, growing up wanting to join the Non-conformist group in High School, about how I never take a risk, about how self-critical I am, and how I need to continue to work on my "twisted thinking" and give myself more credit for accomplishments. My Primary informed me that I could go to a post office to pick up a SSA-1099 form the nurse needs me to hand in.

Then, off to the Jarvis Street Emissions Test facility where I passed (Thank you, thank you Lord) my emissions test. Only took 45 minutes with the line and the test itself. Glad I took a magazine.

Then, to the Devon Avenue Post Office to pick up a SSA-1099 form needed to keep up me in medication. The clerk said they didn't carry them, that I had to go to library. *Sigh* No problem.
Zipped up to the Old Orchard Mall to hit the EB Games Express store where I traded in a crappy game and some crappy CDs. The worker took a while to check them in, which was cool because it took me a long while to choose a game. No cartoonish ones, no more first person shooters, no spy ones, not another football, no Sims. I picked up a racing game, then changed my mind at the last minute for a soccer game. I've never owned a soccer game, but I had fun playing an older one when I lived on Bryn Mawr with T.M. (he kicked my arse).

Next on the errand run? Skokie Library for the ever elusive SSA-1099 form. That place is pretty cool, to bad they never called me for an interview when I applied for a Circulation Clerk job there a few months ago. I will definitely have to apply again for something there, that place turned out to be a lot larger than I thought. I'd like to work for a library, too bad someone has to died for an opening to occur. Anyway, the Reference desk lady was nice enough to help me try to find it, even went online. No dice, so I thanked her kindly and headed out into the cold.

After driving across town, I arrived at the Social Security Administration office on Lawrence Avenue around 3:20 p.m. They close at four. There were a lot of people in there. I pulled number 89. This was going to be a long wait and I forgot my magazine in the car.

Sigh and sit.

Suddenly, my number is called only about 10 minutes later! What joy! I go to slot 11 and speak to a surprisingly nice lady. Who, long story short, informed me I couldn't get a SSA-1099 because those are only given to those who are receiving Social Security Benefits. Of which, I am not. But the end of our 20 minute conversation, she gave me a bunch of brochures that I asked for and the hope that maybe I can apply for and get some money from the Gov'ment for my meds/rent/etc. Fun reading for tomorrow, YAY!

Finally, my last run for the day: Target! Tar-jshay! The TV my parents gave me for Christmas has been sitting on a coffee table. Too low, too wide. Nevermind. So, to Target for an actual, honest-to-goodness TV stand. A fun building project after my fun reading tomorrow before work, Yay Part 2!

Home Sweet Home.

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