Thursday, February 24, 2005

New The Kills video

Just saw their video for "The Good Ones" on their website. Pretty hot, sort of seductive in a The Ravonettes meets John and Exene meets The Slaves of New York. Made me wish, *sigh* yet again, that I had gone to Bennington in the 80's, had been smart and beautiful, shagged sexy art and drama majors, then moved to New York, shagged artists and punkers, and became the LES loft-living, model shagging writer that I'm meant to have been (in a parallel universe obviously).

Instead, I wasted my education drinking heavily, cutting class, lounging at The Frontroom, sleeping in, completing no shags, and falling into the quicksand world of retail sales.

Oh shit, I just pissed myself off with my own whining.

Anyway, I hope to see The Kills at the Double Door on April 1st.

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