Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I splurged today

and bought some shit with money I don't posses. (Yay Discover Card!)

I picked up Jimmy Cliff's Anthology because I sort of recognized his name and the title the song "The Harder They Come," but don't know why. I'm grooving to it now...not too shabby, man.

Then, I discovered the Brothers had snuck out another album unbeknownst to me, and by Brothers, I mean the awesome Chemical Brothers and their album Push the Button. I plan on blasting this out tomorrow while catching up on some apartment cleaning and such.

And finally, the The Crystal Method Legion of Boom because I like them and the title made me giggle.

Oh, and a pack of gum.

Okay, now to find a job to pay for all this and rent and you know: just plain live on.

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