Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm Bob Villa, Bitch!

I put that TV stand together this morning while watching Ellen while Lilly watched me. It is now sits sweetly in my living room with TV on it, playing The Chemical Brothers CD through my Playstation2. Why through the TV and not, say through my stereo? Because, even though I've lived here two months, I still haven't set up/plugged in my stereo. Why? No clue.

Product endoresment: I own many (4?) pieces of furniture by these guys. Lasted me through many a move and clutzy roommates. Good solid pressboard, assemble your own furniture. (Dear Company, please send me a couple of bookcases/shelves, a dresser and a small computer desk as payment for this advertisement. Thank you.)

I work tonight from 4:30-9:00, then off to Chump's--I mean, Champs, for drinks to "celebrate" the promotion(?) transfer of our Assistant Store Manager. Champs/drinks with management...yippeee.

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