Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Random Life Blurbs

New registers getting installed at work as I type. Very high tech: no associate number to type in, it reads my fingerprint...entering the Crate-matrix. All touch screen. Step back customers, the future is now! And don't go getting me frazzled because it'll just make me screw up your order even more. Please chill out.

Meet with C4 Primary this Thursday morning. She wants to hear about my Caribbean trip. I feel like it never happened, or actually like it's a distant memory. Strange how fast one can fall back into daily habits and despair.

Lilly is running around the apartment like a crazy cat, chasing her little catnip mouse and now her shoestring.

My upstairs neighbor showers at night.

I am making Cuba Libras at my friends Brunch this Saturday. Funnily enough, they chose this brunch's theme to be Caribbean.

I don't play my Playstation 2 nearly enough or read nearly enough either. I started reading this book on the ship, but dozed off in the sun while staring at some hottie in a green bikini. My nose burned.

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