Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fun Inventions for killing Roaches

Viceland - DEATH TO ROACHES - The Age of Machines

Die, you hated, nasty things.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Dial-up Internet Rules


Good Lord, this dial-up access I have while my Earthlink DSL account shifts to my new phone number is driving me crazy. I forgot how slow and sluggish this way moves; I nearly dread checking my email...nothing like slogging through 101 slow uploading spam emails (and one from a cousin) to make guy's night. Freaking hours to upload a simple page like the Chicagoist.

According to my Earthlink Order Status Page, it should only be another two or 3 days, then: DSL freedom! Oh Glorious DSL...*breaks into a rousing chorus of Cinderella's "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)"*

Cinderella rawks.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Dong Resin link again.

dong resin's joint >> Unhonesty >> December 19, 2004

I love way Dong thinks and writes. He can take the Rubics Cube of life and make some colors match up (or some sort of better metaphor should be inserted here...ow...not there. HERE!).


Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Algonquin Hotel gets an update

New Spin for the Round Table

But, would Mrs Parker approve of that $10,000 martini?

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry [insert celebrated Holiday] To You!

My parents visited last Saturday, bringing a truckload of food. And a freaking TV. I now have a TV with a screen larger than a postcard. Yeah, baby! Two of my aunts and my mom sent baskets of food, my cupboards are now longer bare; soups, cookies, Mac and Cheese, potatoes, fruits, Three Muskateers, and pudding...PUDDING, do you realize I haven't had pudding in da house in YEARS! When yooz po' yo jes buy de necessities.

And then my parents got kidnapped and replaced by these two humans that wanted to watch the Steelers vs. Giants game. WTF? My parents NEVER watched sports EVER. But, because Big Ben is from our hometown, they caught NFL fever. It was fun: mom cooked meal and hanging out in my new living room watching a football game. A fine afternoon. Then an hour or so walk around my new neighborhood (chilly day), and then more hanging out. A nice visit. Much better when not in the grip of anxiety attacks like years past.

And this week I got to buy myself a gift: a new car battery. I figured after having called these guys twice this week, it may be time. $108 bye-bye.

Uh-oh, almost midnight. I'd better get to bed so I don't scare off Santa. Good night.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My Toilet's Happier Than Your Toilet

I dropped a Paxil, and it bounced off the sink into the toilet.


Friday, December 17, 2004

The Move is Done!

Thank God.

Saturday morning/afternoon, the Z-Boys Moving Company helped me move the last of my crap to the Rogers Park apartment. Them boys work hard for the low price of a meal at Captain Nemo's...yummy. After they left, I just had a bunch of little odds and ends that took two trips in the Little Red Zipper (um, my car); the last of which consisted of me, fed up with all the moving, just shoving and cramming everything into the trunk (except Lil' Lilly who rode up front in the carrier, only crying out once, the brave grrrl). Last box in: 6:00 p.m.; roughly an 8 hour day. Wheew.

Then Sunday 12th, I worked 9:30-8= long ass fuggin' day. But the Assistant Store Manager gave me a Blockbuster free movie card for my efforts. Which I passed off to C.P. and L.Y. because I never rent from Blockbuster. If I ever rented, I'd go here.

So almost a week and the new place still looks as if someone inhaled my Andersonville apartment, then sneezed it out here. Boxes and bags everywhere; I've already moved my sofa/TV setting twice and still dislike it; my front door is blocked by plywood and mirrors; my plants share the same space as my drying dishes, my bed has moved twice; CDs, tapes and books piled in three different spots; and the cat food appears to be the main focus of the hallway.

But it's all mine, until The Man come to evict me for non-payment of rent, or I get beat to death.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Make it stop, please

So, if you remember, my apartment is in a building with a Asian restaurant. For a while there, my apartment smelled up Asian food every other day. That doesn't happen anymore (did he stop cooking?).

Now: around 10:30 p.m. or so this humming/rattling sound starts up. It sounds like the cooling fan to a refrigerator is loosing and rubbing up against the other side of my kitchen wall. It hum/rattles for about twenty minutes, stops, then starts up again after five minutes. This goes on all night, but stops during the day. What the Hell?

Make it stop, Please. I need sleep.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Check out this cool car commercial

Weird "ghost" image get captured on film during the filming of a commercial.

Here's the link.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Another great place disappears

This can probably still be labeled "rumor." Apparently one of the best places in Athens, Ohio to drink cheap beer, see great shows, and ogle hot hippie/punk chicks is closing up: The Union.

Here is how I received the news, emailed by a friend to a friend to a friend (reprinted without permission):

Subject: impending doom

well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the people got a right to know, and so.... the upstairs of the Union is closing. yeah, I know. No, it's true. unless some kinda miracle happens quick. Landlady Couladis had been charging 900 bucks a month, but apparently spurred on by her greedy evil children is upping it a bit, to the unfriendly tune of $2700 a month. different options have been bandied about, I'm told, but this seems to be the unacceptable solution that has stuck. it appears that this will be concluded by February. Although I got nothing right now, I will selfishly cling to the hope that it ain't over 'till it becomes apartments. all I know is if this is allowed to stand I'm leaving the country. any advice on how to make a Greek an offer that cant be refused?
tonight the deadly snakes will be playing the first wake. you are all invited, nay! summoned to the New Year's Eve Wake as well. Soldier on.

Tis a sad thing.

Where (not quite) everybody knew my name

Home to many a lovely (albeit blurry) memory of youth. "Where's the After-hours?" Posted by Hello

(Image stolen from here)

Sometimes this just sums it up. (I like this font; it speaks to me, ya Yob) Posted by Hello

I am the King...

of Procrastination!

Still moving. Lots of floor showing in the Andersonville apartment, but still a ways to go before Full Evacuation. That's why I am diddling around on the Internet. I need to switch my DSL account over to the new place; I am dreading the possible two weeks without connection. TWO WEEKS! I'll be crawling on the floor like a junkie screaming for a link.

At least my friends from are going to help me out with the large stuff.

Okay, am off.