Friday, December 17, 2004

The Move is Done!

Thank God.

Saturday morning/afternoon, the Z-Boys Moving Company helped me move the last of my crap to the Rogers Park apartment. Them boys work hard for the low price of a meal at Captain Nemo's...yummy. After they left, I just had a bunch of little odds and ends that took two trips in the Little Red Zipper (um, my car); the last of which consisted of me, fed up with all the moving, just shoving and cramming everything into the trunk (except Lil' Lilly who rode up front in the carrier, only crying out once, the brave grrrl). Last box in: 6:00 p.m.; roughly an 8 hour day. Wheew.

Then Sunday 12th, I worked 9:30-8= long ass fuggin' day. But the Assistant Store Manager gave me a Blockbuster free movie card for my efforts. Which I passed off to C.P. and L.Y. because I never rent from Blockbuster. If I ever rented, I'd go here.

So almost a week and the new place still looks as if someone inhaled my Andersonville apartment, then sneezed it out here. Boxes and bags everywhere; I've already moved my sofa/TV setting twice and still dislike it; my front door is blocked by plywood and mirrors; my plants share the same space as my drying dishes, my bed has moved twice; CDs, tapes and books piled in three different spots; and the cat food appears to be the main focus of the hallway.

But it's all mine, until The Man come to evict me for non-payment of rent, or I get beat to death.

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