Sunday, June 19, 2005

Saturday Night a(Live)

S.R.'s party was chock full of yummy dips and chips (but no sex wax on the nipples). A fine spread lay out on a table: spinach dip, taco salad, pita bread, chocolate cheese cake, fancy crackers, some cheese/cream cheese/peach combo, Swedish meatballs, and other treats I can't wrap my head around to remember.

Spent most of the time talking to C.P. and L.Y. by the window. Watching S.R.'s family members and fellow baking school grads walking and talking. His partner's brother cracked me up with his outgoing and Chicawgoin accent and attitude. And little Marrissa, such a cutie.

The drink of choice tonight: Beck's.

C/B employee survey of the night: 1) who, among your co-employees would you want to see naked, male and female? and 2) who, among your co-employees would you want to sleep with, male and female? I don't think I made any lists *sigh* ha ha ha!

Felt a little shy, so didn't really talk to strangers as I'd planned. Great looking apartment.

On the way home, the Birchwood/Wolcott apartment corner was hopping as usual. Large group of black boys in white t-shirts and blue jeans pitching pennies and hanging in the street. I wonder if they recognize me/my car yet?

"There go Whitey Ohio looking for parking again. ''Ol' boy always be solo."

Caught the last bit of an old Saturday Night Live. And, again, I think 1) Tina Fey= Hott, and 2) I must buy some Modest Mouse.

Toss in Monster Magnet Spine of God and call it a night.

Good night.

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