Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Not Too Bad Tuesday

I rush down the back stairs at work this morning, on time amazingly, and step into the stockroom only to be assaulted by a thick fog of super-sweet smelling cloud of perfume. The kind of smell that (for a nano-second) knocks you (mentally) backwards, like rebounding off a wall in a bumper car. Involuntary Face Flinch and Gas Face included.

"Ah! *gag,* for Fuck's Sake, who bathed in the scent today?"

I clock in, eyes stinging, and then hear it. That laugh. That high-pitched, fake, Sorority girl cackle. I look to the right and see HER ankle sticking out the office door. It is our former Ass. Store Manager soon-to-be Store Manager, Evil Fannie. Evil Fannie and Boss Frantic were whooping it up in the office, probably introducing her to our current (and so far, pretty nice) Assistant Store Manager.

"Ewww, icky."

I head immediately for the floor. I am not letting that ruin my mood.

The day went fairly okay and quickly with a (mostly) cool crew working today: The Croatian Gyration Sensation, Amber Chunky Globes, a couple of others, and S.R. showed up for the night shift. I managed to avoid getting sucked into a conversation with the older half of the Blondie Twins, and that's always good. Amber said I was her "hero," her savior against the Villain Boredom. Ha ha ha. There are supposed and vague plans in the making for a group of the cool crew to dine at Flattop or something in Evanston in the near future. That could be fun.

I went for the overpriced Marshall Fields lunch again today, as it was sunny out. I sat by The Lion, sipping my Nantucket Nectar and munching my Granola Yogurt watching a Polish mom tell her son The Lion's too hot for him to ride, a couple splash water from the fountain at each other, college kids with pink hair walk around, and the like until it got too hot.

I sat in the kitchen, fretting over various things. The frickin' hives popped up now and again to say "Hello, chump" throughout the day.

* * *
After work, I fed The Void a little again, and actually did buy Modest Mouse's Good News For People Who Love Bad News and Pink Floyd's The Wall on DVD, and a new set of clippers, since mine stopped working the second I finished cutting my hair Monday. And groceries.
Later, I called Miss Arsh for a bit on the phone. Lovely, as usual, until she got a little arrogant, but we forgive. ;-) This link is for you, so you know I didn't make it up. I hope I cheered you up a little (if any cheering up had still been needed). Call me anytime, for reals! Later, at her suggestion, I did see the moon outside my living room window. Yes, Arsh, very full and cool and luminous. I love looking at the moon.

Checked email, and got this link from my parents. Not sure this sits well with me, but I absolutely know they mean well.
Tonight, we'll end the evening with the wonderful pulse and throbs of a little Trojan Dub, mon.

Good night, all.


Anonymous said...

Who is Amber again? And, do i get to be part of the cool group that gets to go out to dinner?

Anonymous said...

p.s. I heard eHarmony is the best in the business...

Mac said...

Sneaking in the back door under an assumed name here, Miss Arsh (if that is who this Anon x2 is)?

Amber is K.M., and Freakin'-A you're part of the Cool Crew, if I have ANYTHING to say about it!