Thursday, June 30, 2005

Phermones in the air conditioning?

Last night at work, Sex seemed to be the theme.

Twice, my innuendos got me accused of being "dirty." Always with a giggle and laugh, I notice.

I wandered into a conversation 3 of this night's crew were having. Voice-over J. recalling events at her old job of gross, fat old men staring at her "rack." The place was stuck in the '40's. How she called on one it, "Go on, say it, you like looking at my nice rack?" He skittered away, tiny tail between chafing fat legs. Some men are dogs, all bark and no bite.

Had a pretty serious conversation with another. About condoms. The necessity of them. She had taken her friend into the Clinic that afternoon for the follow-up exam for the previous abortion. In the waiting room, she said, looking around at the five or 6 girls waiting (some with some without a male), it really got her thinking about things. She hasn't done "it," yet. Her boy has in the past, but sounds like one of those nice guys who don't pressure her into it. In fact, he's one the same "page" as she is and wants to take things slowly, build emotionally. She cracked me up. She says when the time is right, he'll have to get tested for "everything under the sun!"

M. "Jewish, not Puerto Rican" B. said I smelled good, and tossed a smile.

Another coworker kept touching my arm, and told me that this boy she's been talking about "is not my boyfriend" with a Oh-God-never look on her face.

Other examples rolled around the room and postioned themselves inappropriately, but I can't remember them right now. ;-P

Yeah, of course, the A-feeling-a-bit-Randy bug might have been creeping crawling around my veins.

* * *
I'm leaving for the Ghetto Clinic in a few minutes. My first actual session with M.M., my first Group session, and then straight to work till close.

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