Monday, March 14, 2005

Twice is a coincidence, 3 times a Trend

Maybe I shouldn't tell you. Maybe this is getting strange. Maybe this means something. Maybe it's nothing.

I just don't want to become known as That Blogger; you know, the Blogger-Stalker Blogger. The creepy one lurking in chat rooms and leaving multiple comments under different names. The one that sits in the back of the Blogger Bashes, nursing a beer...and. just. staring.

But it happened again. I had another dream with Ultragrrrl in it.

This time, I'm sitting in what is either a large coffee house or a University cafeteria with a couple of friends, shooting the shit, jibing and joking with one another. I think both Mike and Mike were there, as well as C.C., M.C. and someone in the background who I went to school with, but can't quite make out. I am sitting on a couch, leaning back, smiling. Most everyone else is sitting across from me in folding chairs, laughing at something I just said.

And then I say, in an obvious teasing/flirting voice, "...careful, or you'll be killed by The Killers!" At which point Ultragrrrl's face looms close to mine (she's been sitting beside me on the couch) and she's smiling in a oooo-you're-gonna-get-it sort of way, like she's about to tickle me or something.

And then I awoke.


Fresh Talent said...

It was indeed me sitting with you at the Front Room in your dream. I sent Ultragirrl over to talk to you. She likes your glasses but was too shy to talk to you at the party we went to last week at 210 West State.

Mac said...

I am not surprised. You always were the Red-Striped Don Juan of Athens (and Beyond).