Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rednecked Hillbillies in Oak Park IL?

Latest Google Search that brought someone to My Cube(ical): Shotgun Beer Oak Park Illinois.

Is Nascar on the way? Bud Beer Trucks rolling down 290? Wife-beater T-shirts the new Black? Will apartment balconies be equipped to hold Smokers and dilapidated, rusted pick-up trucks tireless and aloft on cement blocks? Shall I soon see sweet Daisy Dukes on buxom blondes and straw littered streets? Will the the air be filled with the scent of sour mash burbling and sparked gun powder? Will the Folks and Peoples change the names to Hatfields and McCoys?

As long as I can keep my indoor plumbing, I suppose I'll adapt, y'all.

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