Monday, March 07, 2005

My first call to 311, YAY!

So, I'm online, paying my ComEd bill, when suddenly there's a ruckus right outside my window. One chick screaming at two other chicks. Something about a broken window, no money to pay for it, cutting someone, and how she "ain't gonna suck no white man's dick for the money."

Chick #2 seems a little calmer and tells her to calm the fuck down.
Chick #1 wants to cut some other chick who threw her out or something.
Guy in red jacket tells them to shut up, come home and calm down because he don't want to go to jail again! He walks away (with a stuffed Winnie the Pooh doll?) and heads to my apartment complex front gate. Awesome. He lives in my building.

The cops, six cruisers in total, are here talking to the two remaining girls, as a group of kids stand by watching. Yikes, and Red Jacket man is being interviewed, too; he's gonna beat me isn't he?

I'm peeking out the window like a little old lady.

All clear, now; didn't see who (if anyone) got hauled off. Look for updates on Citizen ICAM in two weeks!


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the flat feet responded to a 311 call! Dave, 911 is the way to go. I'm so into 911 (well, I use to be before I moved to the geriatric neighborhood). Don't fuck around with the "3" go straight for the "9".

Mac said...

That's RIGHT don't fuck around with the 3! My 3-Sided Cube, you're refering to, right?

Oh, the 311. Well, I'm naive and child-like and have faith in the system.

If she had said "I'm gonna cut you, honky (me)", that's a different story!