Monday, March 21, 2005

Purple Haze all through my Brain

Unfortunately, I am unable to blame the wasted time today on LSD (or booze from last night, or hookers, or over-eating, or novel breakthroughs). Not really sure what my problem is today; just unable to get a move on. I awoke at my normal hour, checked my email, played with Lilly and promptly needed a two hour nap on the couch. What the Hell?

I am working quickly on my third cup of coffee, yet still feel droopy-eyed, groggy, and out of it. The feeling is similar to that of The Day After having bonged waytoomuch pot the night before (deadly tubes loaded for me by A.R.!). I had easy enough Projects (a.k.a. Basic Domestic Chores) to do today, but chances are they'll not get done because I close at work tonight.

I hate when this malaise or tiredness occurs as it can last any length of time from a day to a couple of weeks. Aiiight, another cup of coffee coming up.

On a good note: it appears my Sunflowers and Snapdragons are growing nicely.


mike said...

It must be one of those days. I, too am just sitting here at my desk and biding my time between to very strenuous activities.. 1) watching the clock revolve in slow motion and 2) surfing the net, but getting bummed by stories like that cat one that you posted and this whole Terry Shiavo fiasco.
I need a beer.

Mac said...