Saturday, March 12, 2005

Booze! Birthdays! Death!

Once again campus drinking makes the news. Students in North Dakota (ND?!?!) kill a dude and put another in a coma on the 21st Birthdays. A tradition, that in one sense, sounds like a good time, where at the stroke of midnight, the Birthday Kid hits the bars does the "power hour." 21 shots in the first hour of legal drinking. Pretty stupid about it having to be so many shots, but the spirit of the thing (start drinking the minute you are allowed) sounds fun.

Here is the Times story link. I totally agree with the quoted Mr. Sabo:
"There's responsible drinkers at 18 and there's irresponsible drinkers at 50," Mr. Sabo said.

Before reading the article, I thought the "power hour" involved was going to be the drinking game/fun we played in college, mainly my freshman year with my dorm floormates (shout out to Fenzel House, fourth floor, 1989-1991!). Our "Hour of Power, " huddled in my room with roommate A.D. and others, is played with a shot of beer a minute for sixty minutes usually intermingled with a game of "I Never" or "Bullshit" or "3 Man." Old Milwaukee Light Tall Boys or Busch/Busch Light were the beers of choice at the time: yummy, cheap, and truly lures the women in.

I am proud to say, I've not only accomplished the "Hour of Power" many times, but am also a member of the "Century Club." Yes, my momma's proud, thank you.

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