Monday, March 28, 2005

Bad Brains, mushrooms and angry athletes

While clicking around some old bookmarks I hadn't touched upon in a long time, I came across the Astralwerks site (home to Chemical Brothers and others). They've updated the look of the site and added videos since the last time I remember visiting. Thanks, guys.

I thought I'd link to this Bad Brains I Against I video that I just thoroughly enjoyed. When I get some money together, I shall be getting some more BB. I just have a shitty tape of Rock For Light that's about 12 years old and fading. I love the way BB slips from reggae to speed metal to straight up punk song to song (sometimes measure to measure). Such a powerful sound and vibe. I think Prong is recorded on the other side.

After watching the video, I vaguely recalled that I've seen H.R. in concert. Way back during my Junior year at O.U., I went to Boulder, Colorado and stayed one of my housemates home. Later our other housemate and his girlfriend stopped by on their way to Colorado Springs. We all went to a show at (I think) Colorado University. H.R. stuck more to the reggae vibe, but I remember having a good (and sober) time.

Later that week, in a "spring break" moment, I ate two grams of mushrooms, watched Blade Runner in some strangers dormroom while he typed a term paper. As I peaked a group of GIGANTIC black C.U. basketball players started fighting over a girl right in front of this guys open door. Security eventually cam and escorted them all away as I sat transfixed and slack-jawed on the edge of dude's bed. After a time, I worked up enough courage to sneak out into the stairwell to smoke stale Camel Lights. My housemate was off getting laid by a girl he had a crush on in high school or something.


s.larsson said...

thanks, just only started posting again. havent been on this thing in a while. needed to put some pics up somewhere. nice hearin you liked them! come back any time, got any ideas or anythin to say about them go ahead. they're nothing fantastic but come back anytime!

Mac said...

On the contrary, they are strong images. I am sure they look even more arresting in person. Anyone reading this comment should go check out her site.