Sunday, March 13, 2005

Maybe I should get out more? Or a Vision?

Last night I had a dream.

Walking in a grassy lane walled by evenly spaced great oaks. The trees had white lights strung between each tree and intertwined with each tree's branches. It was beautiful and mysterious, like my vague memory of some scene in The Hobbit when Bilbo and the boys are invited into the Elven city. Music as if from nowhere and everywhere twinkling through the trees mixed with lilting laughter and the clinking of Champagne flutes.

I felt happy.

But I wasn't alone in this mysterious wooded lane at dusk. No, for I walked hand in hand with Ultragrrrl. (?!?!?!). Yes, I now found myself waltzing in and out of the mighty oaks, our feet rustling the leaves. And now kissing deeply against a tree. I could taste strawberries. And then we danced some more; she whispered something in my ear and I laughed into her hair. Moonlight and everything.

Dear Shrinks out there: what's up?
Dear Ultragrrrl: call me. :-)

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