Friday, March 11, 2005

Fear and Loathing (and Paranoia) at work (again)

Shifts in personnel. One Department Manager (the cute one) promoted to Design, and will soon move on to another store; another, getting groomed (about a year too early) for the position of Floor Supervisor; and a third, after being passed up unfairly for promotions and transfers, has gotten fed up enough with our frantic boss to make a linear transfer to a store way the hell out in the suburbs.

Another manager told me they seriously thinking about up and quitting on Wednesday after getting their ass ridden by the boss for something that happened on the manager's day off. This crap happens to them, at least, once a week.

We still have a vacant Assistant Manager position, and no leads as to who will fill that. Rumors are flying that the boss is leaving to open a Milwaukee store in August. (Please, Dear Lord, Please--from THE ENTIRE STAFF). The boss has lied to her boss about staff, stolen our O.T., given lies as excuses, (I can't give you more hours, Mac, because your co-workers might get mad (?!?!?), insults staff in-front of staff and customers, etc, etc, etc.

And now cameras are installed in the store. Look out employees-- er, I mean, shoplifters. In the past we hated it when the boss worked on the floor, now it'll be worse if boss isn't on the floor. Instead, she'll be staring at the video screen, rubbing her hands together (mwwwahaaha), conniving on who to exterminate or drive off next.

Where's a Retail version of Hoffa when you need one?

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