Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me

Actually, my friends helped me celebrate last week (thanks, sorry I's be late, I's be slow inda hade sum-tymes) at The Lamp Post Tavern. Pretty good jukebox (Springsteen! The Smiths!). Tasty Guinness. Nice open windows to watch the world go by and the snow come down. (quote of the night: M.B., looking at the slushy-snow fall down, "Amazing how something that looks so beautiful in February can look so ugly in March." That stuck me somewhat melancholic and poetic, really.) An all-around good neighborhood bar to take a friend or six.

Thank you CC, MC, MW, MB, DH, BH, RS, and K for that night. And for the Lilly Treats, Guinness and CDs (Endhits by Fugazi and Closer by Joy Division).

And today for lunch, I treated myself to a yummy Rare Roast Beef Wrap from Love's Something-Something at the food court, rather than the same old McDonald's I have (day in, day out). MMmmm, roast beef, gooooood.

Happy Birthday to me.


whatever said...

happy belated birthday to you.

Mac said...

Hey thanks, and thanks for stopping by, it means a lot.

Arsh said...

does that make you an aries too? can't remember when it starts. i didn't know it was your bday...happy belated!!