Thursday, May 05, 2005

Unofficial name changes at work

How these came about is now a mystery, as someone lost the memo.

K.M. = Amber Chunky Globes.
M.S. = The Gyration Croatian Sensation.
Mac = Puddin' (cause "you're so sweet") or Lesbian Trapped in Male Body*
B.H. = (my) Fake Wife.
Large % of customers this week = Cranky Bi-Polar Eccentric Helpless Fuckos with Occasional Hottie.

Stay tuned; I am sure changes and additions to follow.

*Does anyone know what comedian originally used this in their stand up??? Steve Martin? Stephen Wright?


Arsh said...
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Arsh said...

How come you seem to have more fun at C&B than me? Why don't I have a nickname? Yes, it is all about me, in case you were wondering... Also, who is KM?

Mac said...

uuuuum, I dunno...*shrugs* both questions.

Remember, not everything is as it seeeeeems *waves his hands like David Copperfield* It could be an illusion!

How about Bollywood Booger Booty for a nickname?

Arsh said...

Sometimes I wish things were just as they seem to me. I don't like illusions. They hurt.

I'm not the Bollywood kind...

Mac said...

Yes, illusions can hurt.

So, um, just Booger Booty, then?

Arsh said...

do you really think my booty looks like a booger? not too flattering...i'm being difficult, I know.

Mac said...

You're right, Booger not good. How about Bumpie Boogie Booty...looks like a party in motion. Give me time, I'll come up with a good one. ;-)