Saturday, May 28, 2005

Feeding the Void

So, last night after a semi-boring, semi-okay shift at work, my Void got hungry. That Maw of Nothingness we try to fill with bigger cars, flasher jewels, fancier houses, phatter stereos, new items every season, etc. I see that Maw yawn at me in many of my customers at work.

Anyway, on the drive home from work, I get to thinking about a bunch of stuff, and just needed to appease my Void. I normally resist with little fight, but last night I gave in.

"Fuck it," I thought. "I so rarely buy myself anything." This had been pointed out by my mother over the phone around a month ago. When asked how my finances were holding up, I told her I'm, very surprisingly, maintaining a steady line. I mentioned my surprise at keeping my financial head above water what with the pay cut and all, and she said, "Mac, it's because you never buy yourself anything nice." And she sounded kind of sad, and I felt a little guilty about it.

So, I went positively insane (for me) at Best Buy last night. Here is what I bought:

I still suffer from The Void, but I can have more fun while doing it.


mo said...

Good choices my man, but your just now getting Madden 05? Unfortunately I cannot watch The Good, The Bad and the Ugly without thinking of AG.

Mac said...

Thanks, dude :-)
I bought Madden 05 again. It got stolen in my last apartment's burglary. My last apartment is now a big hole in the ground.

And if A.G. is who I think it is, you may have ruined the movie for me now! Ha ha ha.