Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Is Blogging Addictive?

I've heard all about addiction to booze, narcotics, smokes, sex, gambling, and tattoos, but can blogging be an addiction?

I haven't started calling in sick to work because I've either stayed up till dawn filing posts or decided to stay home to search for the perfect link. I don't dream about Blogging, yet. I don't pass up social events or a simple drink invitations. I don't hide email stations behind boxes at work or sneak out for a quick post at lunch or creep into my boss's office to use her computer.

But I've an urge to start another one. Not quit this one, but annex to it. I'm not sure why. Maybe a fresh start. Maybe because I'm feeling more arts-y than farts-y lately. If I had a digital camera, it could be my Photo Album, but, alas, I am without.

Any ideas? Drop them in the comments section. Or should I ride this feeling out? Any thought to a group blog, though I am unsure of my commitment level; I'd hate to leave any volunteers hanging. The group blog concept sounds interesting. I like the idea of posts and reaction to posts, or many perspectives on the same event/concept/theory/etc, all contained within the same blog. A two (or more) for one stop shop.

I don't know, just talking to talk, I suppose. Gotta go; they called me to come in early for work today. Someone called in "sick." Later.


mike said...

I like the photo blog idea. I might be able to hook you up with a digital camera from work. I'll look into gankin' (haven't ever typed that word before) for ya.

Mac said...

Do NOT do anything to get yo butt fired/jailed!!!

And I love the word "Gank." Do you think it's a combination of the words "grab" and "yank"? As in "I ganked that ladies purse right off her shoulder"?