Sunday, May 08, 2005

Nobody talks in my neighborhood

they yell and shout. No one on the streets here gives a fuck if you hear all about their business, at any hour. Today:
  • someone needed to "open this fucking gate"
  • "move!"
  • "I ain't talking to you, I'm walking my dog!"
  • "We gonna clean this mother up, give me that rake"
  • "Ya know, this your crib, fuck, ya know?"
  • "Nah, he don't know shit. I been there with his friend, ya know?"
  • "Hey girl, hey girl, why you running?"
  • and the car alarms, yay!

I mean, most of the time, it's just kids or people walking around on a nice day, bouncing basket balls (thousands of basket balls) to the park, leaving the school, chasing friends, talking about work, etc. But daaaym, y'all gotta yell it, even when your friend is walking right next to you? I mean, for real! And even when my "neighbors" are talking about something like going to the store, their voices have this hard edge to it. The inflections are (loud and) sharp and harsh in such a way that even yelling "see you later" has the same vocal pattern as "fuck you: die."

Know what I mean? I don't know, it's just weird. I've been away from the Brickyard Mall of the 90's too long; therefore, I need to re-adapt my listening skills.

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