Sunday, May 29, 2005

I know I'm a little rough around the edges, but come on!

This morning turned out to be a Sexy Silky Smooth Sunday.

I rush down the stairs, clock in, and open my locker (which is empty and always unlocked) to find a bottle of Amber Romance Skin-silkening Body Lotion (Garden Collection) staring at me.

The attached note from K.H. (who quit, last day Friday night) said, "Mac: A gift from me to you! *smiley face* C-ya around! *peace symbol*-out, homie."

So I thought, well that's a bit strange, but a nice gesture on top of giving me a "cool pen" Friday evening as I left...until I read the last line which explains why I became the lucky recipient of this hottness lotion:

"(you were the only one w/ your locker labeled."

Maybe I'll start labeling my boxer shorts, and see what starts showing up in there! (oh-no-ya-didn't-boieee!)

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