Monday, May 23, 2005

My Cube gets more tangled in The Web

My Cube received a letter from Blogebrity early this morning. I have been accepted and added to the C-List (full list here), and should show up there in the next few days or so (I'm figuring). I, humbly, asked for inclusion as an M-Lister, so my mind explodes at the honor.

Ah, the Glory, Fame and Fortune to come. I yearn for thee.

Hoax or not, it's these types of events/ideas that make The Internet and Blogging fun for me. Informative, goofy, circular, snarky, silly, inter-connecting, entertaining, ranks and lists, poking fun at oneself, poking fun at others, and then laughing over a drink together at the end of a writing bender (or should that be laughing over writing together at the end of a drinking bender?).

I see people already talking about them on Technorati, for and against.

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