Sunday, May 15, 2005

My Bar List: Updated!

Harshly-Yah! dragged me out tonight, totally against my will (HA HA HA), for drinks tonight. We went to The Hidden Cove to be deafened by Kareoke singers (and I met her friend R. for all of 33 seconds). Then the two of us went down to Boomers where she glowed in the black light, and I slumped over the bar like a schmuck, sipping watered-down Jameson on the Rocks, desperate for something witty to shout over the Dance-a-teria-thump-n-Grind music pumping over the speakers.

The semi-hottie bartenders seemed pissed/annoyed when we asked for our check...we tipped anyway. Here's the updated list.

I celebrate the evening with a Rare Breed night-cap, while Lilly yells at me for my various misgivings and digressions. Pertney just stares quietly at the door, looking for the future.

Good-night, sweet night, good-night.


mike said...

who's Pertney? Did you get 'lil 'lil a 'lil friend?

Mac said...

Haha, no 'lil friend for 'lil 'lil. You can see 'lil Pertney here:
Top of the Photo. Tee hee.