Sunday, May 22, 2005

I don't feel like posting just now

But here's a link to a funny picture by Dong Resin for you to view as you leisurely sip your Sunday morning coffee.

While I'm at work.



With a headache.

Dealing with your eccentric, bitchy, Old Aunt from the North Shore while she decides exactly which juice glass is the perfect size and how many wine glasses to buy for her husband's third cousin's shower (who she really doesn't know or like, by the way).

"Does this gift look cheap?"

"Lady, what the fuck is the matter with you?"


Pinkie Lee said...

I don't get the Dong Resin thing. Maybe it's just too late for my brain to wrap itself around macro cellular humor.

Mac said...

Ha ha, you must only drink good coffee. This picture depicts why cheap coffee tastes so bad, like farts and biting bitterness.