Saturday, May 28, 2005

Pretty girls use ugly boys

Today I am to be used by Arrrgh-she-YAH!. Under the pretense of inviting me over to "watch a movie," I am actually being lured into the apartment to do chores. Changing a light bulb that's too high for her, figuring out how to work a CD Burner to record some of my CDs, and cleaning out her fridge (of Samuel Adams). After a couple of beers, she'll probably somehow finagle me into taking out the trash, washing the car, and scrubbing the shower out.

I can't believe she's using me like this. All I gotta say is, this movie had better be rocking, or I'll be gravely disappointed and hurt.

(HA Ha, see you in a bit, lady)

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Fresh Talent said...

What did you think of "I am trying...?" I loved the honesty of it all. The keyboard player has always reminded me of Moe (his appearance, not personality).

Here's a movie tip, go see "It's all gone Pete Tong". Hard to put a finger on what I liked about it, but I did. Uneven and fun.

I'm linking to Arrrgh-she-YAH!...I have a crush on her writing.