Sunday, May 22, 2005

Oh yeah...

I found out at work, Saturday, I've been voted Associate of the Quarter (for the second time in three-ish years, thank you very much). How freaking Ironic is that?

I think the thing is fixed. Fucking Pity Votes.

Whatever. Congratulations and (supposedly) a $75 Gift Card to me. I shall connive a way to cash that puppy in (Hey! Weird Corporate Lady*. Wanna buy a gift card off me? And, thank you for asking/joining me for lunch on Saturday!).

I busted-out-loud the B.R.M.C.'s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in honor of our lunch. I ask myself "Whatever Happened To My Rock 'N' Roll (punk song)" all the time. Forgive me for my interruptions; I am trying to break the habit, and failing badly. I need to make people laugh.

[*just kidding, dear. I'm just a lowly Playa-hater]


Arsh said...

Y'know, it made me really mad when at last week's meeting, one of coworkers said f-u to you. I'm not one to swear. But I might need to say it to you now. There was absa-fuckin'-lutely nothing "pitiful" about my vote for you. I think you're an awesome salesperson-you have a way with customers. And, you're the most helpful coworker I know. So, can you please stop feelin' sorry for yourself & appreciate your associate of the quarter award? And treat yourself to something from C&B with your giftcard. You deserve it!! Sorry I sound harsh...just living up to my first nickname...

Arsh said...

p.s. I should be the one thankin' you for lunch. I felt like i was intruding on your time. Thanks for putting up with me. And for getting me outside. I guess I'll forgive you your interruptions. Making people laugh is an awesome quality to have--just don't hide behind it when you don't need to.

Mac said...

First off--don't be bringing all that attitude up into MY BLOG! Y'all better step off, sit down a minute, and chill.
Second--um, I'm sorry. Yes, dear; you're actually totally right.
Third-- you really do want to buy that card off me, don't ya?
Fourth--tee hee, you said fuckin'. tee hee
And, fifth-- I'd do lunch with you any day. Eating lunch outside during sunny weather is the new Black.