Sunday, August 21, 2005

What to do? What to do?

I am bored.

Of worrying.
Of this blog.
Of my writing.
Of having nothing to write about.
Of looking at women (lie).
Of wishing for a girlfriend.
Of searching for one.
Of driving myself crazy yearning a living.
Of there not being anything on TV.
Of not calling someone.
Of not having anything to say.
Of sleeping alone.
Of Lilly.
Of eating shitty food.
Of not eating shitty food.
Of not eating.
Of thinking about myself (My Self).
Of the non-conversations at work.
Of selling crap to people I don't give a crap about.
Of not having sex.
Of drinking.
Of not drinking.
Of reading other people's blogs.
Of not dating.
Of trying to date.
Of being nice.
Of complaining.
Of watching the world walk by.
Of not swimming in the Galactic River.
Of sitting on the Shore by myself.
Of smoking.
Of not doing drugs.
Of wanting to go out.
Of work.
Of looking for my Passion in Life.
Of taking pictures.
Of not taking pictures.
Of politics.
Of Iraq.
Of National this and National that.
Of the news.
Of not watching the news.
Of Friends re-runs.
Of feeling lonely.
Of whining about Everything.
Of not being creative.
Of race relations.
Of Religion.
Of marriage, the idea of marriage, wanting marriage, not wanting marriage.
Of watching children play at the Mall.
Of being scared.
Of giving a shit.
Of finding meaning in It All.
Of not kissing.
Of wanting people.
Of staring at the moon.
Of sitting in the sun.
Of being sad.
Of looking for Happiness.
Of tears.
Of holding onto the Past.
Of looking for a Future.

Just fucking bored.

It's too late to call someone. I don't want to go to The Lamp Post Tavern.

What to do? What to do?


The VelvetHellvis said...

Why not write a killer free verse poem that strikes a chord with your readers? The one you just wrote will do. Amen. That was good.

motodd said...

I didn't see it on your list but go play with Sam Fisher:)

whatever said...

is this your life or mine?
i'm so fucking bored of the exact same things.

Mac said...

Thanks, VelvetHellvis.

Motodd--I'd rather play with a Samantha Fisher, if you know what I mean-- wink wink nudge nudge say-no-more say-no-more ;-)

Aquashimmer-- Well, let's be bored together :-) I'll start chilling the Vodka and Busch Light for you... ha ha