Monday, August 01, 2005

A dream last night

In the dream:

I am with a woman, who I see only in the corner of my eye, we are walking into my kitchen (my kitchen, but not really my kitchen. You know how dreams are.) to get more drinks. The apartment is dark except for candles (way more than I actually own) and the glow of streetlight through the blinds.

I am in the middle of the kitchen and she stands four feet away, leaning cutely against the sink. Someone, just out of our sight, is getting arrested. We guess about 6 cop cruisers are involved, guessing from the intensity of the blue light flashing against the apartment building across the street from the kitchen window and splashing crazily into the room.

I say, "Hey! A K-mart Disco!" and start going into a really bad John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever impersonation: hips wiggling, finger pointing to sky then ground.

And we laugh, her bright eyes glowing like moons and black-blue hair streaming down, silhouetted in the window.

I awoke feeling confused, but smirking.

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