Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Thirsty Thursday, anyone?

I am considering hitting The Lampost after work on Thursday.

Who's with me?

Email me (on my other one), or call me at work on Thursday, as I may or may not go home first. Or may not go at all, depending on how work goes.

Group Therapy in the morning, group (?) therapy at night.

Rock 'n' Roll.


Fresh Talent said...

Count me in.

Seriously, I plan on coming to visit before I go, $$$ pending. No longer running, having the first smoke of the day now. One month respite, then strike that and reverse it once i'm with liz.

Mac said...

Sweet! And let me know in advance so I can gather the crew together, write up 333 reasons why you should move here, and intervention your beer-soaked ass. ;-)

I'll keep a barstool open for you.