Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mac takes a bite out of crime

So I'm leaning over the kitchen sink, smoking a cigarette during halftime of my Madden 2005 Raiders vs. NY Giants game, and I hear a strange crinkling sound. I peek over the plant in my window sill and spy some black kid in a Denver Broncos jersey reaching through the already broken window of the car parked there. I window is covered in plastic, and the crinkling sound is him reaching inside to unlock the door.

Fuck that, punk!

I lower my head and voice and say, "Keeeeep walkin'"

He scitters off....to another car three cars down! Asshole!


I hope they catch him in the act...before he comes to my car which is about twenty down the line.

[1:00 a.m.--a cruiser and detective patrol are talked on the corner, then left. I think I heard a window break in the distance...please, let it not be mine.]

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