Thursday, August 18, 2005

They serve Wild Turkey in Heaven, right?

This is great.

When I die, use this as a core in the planning of my funeral.

Donate any and all of my usable organs to hospitals (anything not blackened, dying, rotting, etc.), burn this Skin Vehicle I've been slumping around in, and put me in 3 little black and green colored bags. And Road Trip.

Have plenty of Jameson, Wild Turkey, and Guinness on hand. Bring a DJ with all my favorite tunes and dance around the bonfire. Kiss your wives, husbands, significant others, and strangers. Party like it's 1992.

If no cannon is available, just hand sprinkle a third of my ashes at my Parents' house, Commons Lawn near The End of the World, and The College Green by the War Monument.

And remember the Good/Fun Me.

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