Saturday, August 27, 2005

Virtual Saturday

M. and Doodlehead came over today. In between pizza, Chex Mix, smokes, coffee, tea and chips, we ran around and destroyed buildings and slaughtered the masses, sucked out human brains, and ran around The Grid Iron.

Unfortunately, Motodd wasn't able to attend the violence as The Man required his presence. :-(

The Man annoys use, but he pays.

Phone rings.

* * *

And now... I'm going bowling with Arsh and her friend in from NYC, Jewel. If there are any brand-new "we fuel Osama bin Ladin's Jihad" silver Honda CRVs keyed or "accidentally" bumped with Mazda 323 in Lincoln Square tonight:

It wasn't me.

I'm gonna win the Beer Frame. Hands down.

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