Monday, April 11, 2005

Random Thanks for the Babes

Hello, and Thank You, to whoever signed me up (and apparently paid) for a year's subscription to the print version of Stuff Magazine. I have received two issues thus far, and, let me tell you, riveting stuff in Stuff!

If a male says "I get Stuff Magazine for the articles," he is totally lying. Whereas, the same answer for Playboy can actually be believable (honestly). The only thing redeemable and worthy about this mag IS the babes. Of the two issues that have appeared (as if by horny Elven Magic) in my mailbox, both are graced by blondes on the front cover. Eh. Blondes aren't my favorite, but, hey, I'll take 'em.

The jokes are not only immature, but mostly get the "what?" reaction. There is only one cheat code in the video game section. The informative articles tell you nothing you didn't already know: food aphrodisiac don't exist!!! Shocking!!! The layout is cartoon-ish and annoyingly heavy on the color pink (subliminally soft-core?). Hell, even the only good part, the babe's pictorial spread is kind of boring; the saving grace is the lack of "staple belly."

So, again, Thank You random stranger for the year of buxom blondes and bodacious booty. How about Exotic Spank in March 2006?

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mike said...

your first Barely Legal should be arriving soon, followed by Sexy Seniors.