Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hey Buddy, got a light?

Just kidding, there.

Pass (on) the Camel Lights; as of 8:26 p.m. tonight, I've lived smoke free for two years. That's TWO YEARS with out a Camel Light or a parliament or a Basic Light or a Dunhill. Wow, and smoking was such a part of me, an extension of my essence. My stick figure self-doodles always included backwards O.U. cap, glasses, goofy grin, and a lit cigarette sticking out the side of my mouth, or held in stick figure fingers. A pack-a-day man was I. Pack and a half if the bar scene played out fun that night, or my friends were low. Always had a spare for a friend or newly met cutie. Huddled outside smokefree parties on a deck, balcony, or back alley, making small talk with other smokers around the keg. A sense of community, an ice breaker.

Here's me talking about it at my year and a half anniversary.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em *sigh*


whatever said...

you poor mothman. i'm going to smoke a cigarette for you tonight. i started smoking only two months ago.
hope you had a great weekend.

Mac said...

Mothman, am I? Ha ha.
As for the smokes...take it from me (who LOVED smoking), so not worth it. Took me from ages 17-32 to figure it out. Think of all the spare change for vodka and wine!