Thursday, April 21, 2005

The 11th Commandment discovered

The other day, between customers, the Stock Manager (J) and I started talking about that Fullerton Mary water/salt stain, that egg with a Cross on it for sale on Ebay, and Knot Mary in a tree on Rogers Ave. at Honore. And how the faithful flock to them, setting up instant shrines and such.

She thought it all a crock: "If I stare at my bathroom tiles long enough, I can see an image of Jack Nicholson with those black shades on!"

But, she says, she didn't grow up all that religious. The closest she ever got to Religion was when she lived across the street from a Catholic Church. "I'll probably go to Hell, and my kids, too."

"No, "I said, "as long as you're nice and a decent human being, I think God'll let you in, maybe sit you in the back by the kitchen or something."

"Yeah, and don't litter. Be nice and don't litter, that's what I tell my kids."

I laughed. "The 11th Commandment: Thou shall not litter."


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