Thursday, April 07, 2005

Another Non-Day

I woke up two hours later than planned. Groggy-zombie-like all day. Checked email (a.k.a. erased spam). Neglected to answer any emails. Drank three cups of coffee. Cut hair. Ate a bagel/ham sandwich. Drank tomato juice. Took the last of my meds (am out unless Primary can score me some tomorrow). Realized I don't like arrangement of my living room. Water got turned off for three hours, pounding and twisting metal sounds from basement below me. Clicked half-interestedly through Blogs and Sites I Site. Once again realized my writing needs a GREAT deal of work. Dozed/zoned in computer chair for two hours listening to my Launchcast yahoo station. Stressed about money, job, love while showering. Went to work. Sold $1100 worth of furniture. Sold other knick-knacks. Wandered around bored, saying hello to strangers. Made Pakistani N. laugh hard when I busted her singing Bollywood songs to herself. Wrote-out a lot of broken items. Swept up dropped/shattered glass chip 'n' dip. Ate a piece of written-out chocolate. Yawned a lot, can't stop. Still groggy, eyes burning. Only associate who didn't buy anything at end of shift. Drove home fast, 50 in 35...nothing new. Found parking spot in front of door. Incorrectly programmed VCR, so only saw last ten minutes of LOST (fuck). Ate a bagel/ham sandwich, too tired to fix anything else. Watched Alias. Missed CSI:NYC. Petted Lilly. Drank two fingers of Wild Turkey, heavy on the ice cubes. Typed this Non-post. Going to bed, too tired to sleep.

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mike said...

you going to the brunch saturday at Neil's? Don't worry about bringing anything, 'cause judging from the e-mails there's already too much.
Still pondering another bowl-off saturday night, you down?