Tuesday, April 26, 2005

My friend Harsh is going to NYC on Wednesday. Color me jealous. I''d love to have drinks at The Spring Lounge, The Gonk, and somewhere in the LES. Washington Park in early summer sounds fun. A kiss at 9:33 p.m. on top of the Empire State Building. Holding hands in at The Guggenheim. Sigh. Someday, right? Someday. Posted by Hello


Arsh said...

I feel your pain--i won't be kissing anyone at 9:33 or 9:37 or 9:41 on top of the Empire State Building. Or holding any hands...anywhere. Unless Jewell & I decide to switch teams or we have bi- moment but that's not likely to happen. We both happen to very much like our current teams. Someday... But in the meantime, NYC watch out! Here I come!

Mac said...

But, if you did have one of those moments...you'd allow me to video tape, no? I mean in the spirit of being Crate Comrades and all, right? Yeah? Right?

Have fun in NYC.