Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"As The World Turns" Rogers Park style

Time: 4:35 this morning.
Location: street corner directly outside my window.
Unless noted, all dialogue is shouted at top of lungs (and some).

Woman: "Fuck you, I ain't no whore!"
Man: "I ain't said that."
Woman: "I ain't playing that way!"
Man: "She told you she was my female friend, I ain't got no female friends."
Woman: "I can fuck anyone I want to, but I be fucking you because I want to BE WITH YOU!"
Man: "mummble, baby, mummble."

Woman has now walked about a half block away, man still leaning on fence outside my bedroom window. Her voice still booms through my window, "I just played you like you was playing her! I played you like you played her! Who's the Playa now, bitch? I fuck anyone I want to, but... go on, go on down the block to her!"

Man ask driver of car stopped at stop sign if they have a light. Nope.
Woman, now all the way down block rounding corner, shouts something unintelligible (still sounding as if she's right in my room, what? She have a Bull Horn surgically implanted in her chest?).

Man schlumps on down the block, unlit cigarette between his lips, hands in pants pockets, and North Carolina jacket sliding off shoulder.


mike said...

mutha fuckas be trippin' up in yo shit before it's time for yo ass to be slirpin' up da corn flakes, bitch!

How's 'lil lil feel about all this?

Mac said...

"...slirpin' up da corn flakes" HA HA HA HA, well played Mr. Man.

Shhheeeeeeeiiittt! 'lil Lilly be stone-cold chillin' lika muthafuka, dawg!