Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Over the Hump

Made it to work on my ugly spare tire, covered in mustard yellow rust powder (the tire, not me).'re gonna say?...was work.

Showed up at 12:26 p.m.

Told a couple of co-workers that my day started out exactly like a joke: "So there a Mexican, a Black guy, and a White guy all changing their tires within a block of each other..." I couldn't figure out a punch line though (post one in the comments section if you can). But that truly is how my day started. One my east side, a few car lengths down, a Black neighbor changed his tire, and about a block to the west of me, a Mexican guy changed his tire. Bad luck for tires last night in my neighborhood of Broken Glass and Dog Poo. It was like the U.N. of World Tire Repair this morning.

Anyway, so after work I rushed to the Firestone on Lincoln Avenue because when I called there this morning, some worker said he could change my tires if I got there before 6:30 p.m. No such luck. Stopped taking customers. Referred me to a Pep Boys out on Touhy, west of highway. so I limped my car there.

$204 later I had some new tires. Yay! Oh, the $4 was actually for some Kitty Treats from the Petco next door for Lilly. I felt like a real badass in my Little Red Zipper, sporting my shiny new tires, challenging ever pothole and bump. Grrrrowl!

The Ferrets at Petco were cracking me up. The three ferrets in the glassed area were all springy and leaping on each other in a WWF Grand Royal Cage Match. Boing-boing-boing. Adorable, furry guys, like a squirrel meets a cat meets an otter by way of a hamster...hee hee want.


s.larsson said...


thanks for the feed back, great to know you like the work. they're all pretty small but hell yeh would love to enlarge them if i could. just like making these images from time to time, find them a great way to get out thoughts that cant be said in words even though the outcome might not be so straight forward to everyone. buts fun. and nah sure thing, dont mind you adding me. got any interesting artists in mind? photography or whatever? love lookin at art.

Rita McCall said...

It’s too bad that you had to wait until after work to get your tires changed only to not get any service. However, it’s a good thing that you were still able to drive with that wheel on. $200 for new tires isn’t a bad price, I think! Hopefully, those new wheels were sturdier and lasted longer than your previous ones.

Enoch Ross said...

I’ve been in your situation before, Mac. It’s like everyone in our neighborhood encountered a bad luck in their tires. >.< We changed one tire after the other. I really don’t know if I’m going to be upset or if I will just make a laugh out of the situation that time. Hehe! Well, fortunately, I haven’t changed my tires after that. It’s still in good condition because I perform regular maintenance, and the same goes with my other auto parts.